Why We’re Here

What you thought you knew about math is all wrong, and it’s not your fault. If you hate math, you’re probably right to do so, because the math you’ve learned sucks! Here at The Sixth Sense you will be exposed to real mathematics, not that crap that you tried to learn in high school. Real mathematics is marvelously beautiful, and almost divinely perfect. When you hear mathematicians talk about “the beauty of math”, they are not referring to high school algebra. More importantly, what they’re referring to is not out of reach!
Head on over to the lessons (under the tab “See For Yourself”) if you want to dive right into this beautiful field. Aladdin said it best when he said that “it’s a whole new world”. This is not a site for experts—you hardly even need to know how to add and multiply. The lessons are light-hearted and never require pen and paper. Despite this, they are completely rigorous. I.e., this actually is real mathematics that we’re doing, and you’ll “See For Yourself” that real mathematics is truly amazing.
Not feeling lessons today? Then go ahead and wander around the site and gander at some of the more philosophical and fluffy ramblings of mine of what mathematics “really is”, and what it most certainly is not.
Most importantly, have fun!


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