The Language of Nature

First Edition

Here it is:   LanguageOfNature_v1

Solutions Manual (a work in progress)

Before downloading this book, please take heed of the following warnings.  First, as the above bolded subtitle suggests, this is just the first edition of this book.  I have edited it quite a bit for typos—especially for typos in equations—though some have undoubtedly fallen through the cracks.  This will hopefully continue to get better as the edition number increases.

More importantly, the reason for needing future editions is as follows.  Even though this book may seem long (at least compared to the length of a lesson), it is not nearly long enough.  By this I mean that I need to add a lot more explanatory remarks in many of the sections, as a lot of the ideas discussed here are covered much too quickly and may seem daunting to the uninitiated.  This is precisely what I didn’t want to have happen with this book.  Let me explain.

This book is meant to be a nice destination for readers who are ploughing through this site, but also not quite ready and/or not wanting to take on an entire college textbook on this material.  Diving right in to some undergraduate level books may scare the reader away, which as the reader knows is precisely the opposite goal of this site.  It seems to me that there is currently no “in-between” text, and this is precisely what this book aims to be.

What I am saying in this warning is that it is not quite as “in-between” as I’d like it to be, yet.  Therefore if some passages are immensely difficult or opaque, don’t worry—I’ll hopefully sort that out in future editions.  Also, feel free to contact me to let me know which ideas you found not to be insufficiently explained and I’ll try to remedy that in a future edition.  Finally, sections that I know are particularly difficult, and which are not necessary for the rest of the text, are marked with a * in the table of contents as well as in the text.

Note: The book is not meant to replace the site, but rather to supplement it for those readers who read the site too quickly for me to add content.  I will continue to add content to the site, and the site will continue to be much more user friendly than any text book can be.

So without further ado, go ahead and check it out!

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6 Responses to The Language of Nature

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  4. Robert says:

    I’m going to study physics in 2 months in uni, and all this has been so far very slow and un-engaging for me. I haven’t started reading the book yet, but the lesson 2. on set’s was painfully slow for me. lol

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