Upcoming Book!

Hi All!

My apologies for a very long absence and a huge lack of new lessons!  The reason for my lack of activity is a combination of my day job as a grad student as well as the following exciting news: There’s a True Beauty Of Math book coming out!

The book includes a lot of content from the first 19 or so lessons from this site, but with a) extra/bonus lessons, b) lots more exercises, and c) full and detailed solutions to all exercises.  The first volume of what will hopefully be a very large series (extending to ideas like topological spaces and category theory, neither of which we’re even close to getting to yet in these lessons) will be available on Amazon in the coming days/weeks, so stay tuned!

And now that this super-secret project is wrapping up (well, at least Volume 1 is wrapping up), I PROMISE I’ll be getting more lessons up soon (and these will be forming a decent amount of future book volumes).

Stay tuned, and have fun math-ing! 🙂


About TrueBeautyOfMath

Lover of math, and lover of teaching it.
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5 Responses to Upcoming Book!

  1. Miguel says:


  2. Karthik says:

    Will the book also be using the same principle as the site i.e not asking readers to memorize something or recall something from the long-lost school days etc OR is the book targeted at an advanced math student?

  3. Phil says:

    Looking forward to it, your lessons have helped me find a new appreciation and understanding in the math and the world I live in. All the best.

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