My absence

Hey all,

No math in this post, just an apology.  I’ve been completely out of action with the site for the last couple of weeks, and I apologize for that.  Please don’t take it as me being gone for good.  The reason for my lack of activity here is that I’ve been working–for months–on a set of lecture notes for a high school course that will be starting in about a week.  It covers everything the site does, plus a lot of what the site will cover in its first, say, 200 lessons (yes, I plan on writing that much, eventually).  The notes are obviously more dense (the course is three weeks long), but still just as accessible (although requiring a bit more work).

When I’m done writing them I plan on posting them to the site, in case there are any extra keen readers who’d like to see what some of this stuff is all about.  I’ll be done with those in a few days, and afterwards I’ll get right back to writing lessons.  My promise to you is that I’ll have two more lessons up within the next 8 days.

So sorry again for my absence, but please don’t take it as the new status quo.  I plan on sticking with this for a long, long time, and writing LOTS more lessons.



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2 Responses to My absence

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the update, Michael.

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