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First Edition of Book is Now Up!

In this post I talked about a book that I’d be publishing soon.  Well, I decided not to publish it yet, and instead I’m putting up the first edition for free here.  There’s more explanation on that page, so I’ll spare … Continue reading

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From Notes to Book

Hey all, again no math, sorry, although I hope you do/did enjoy the most recent lesson on dihedral groups.  As I mentioned in my last blog post (“My Absence“), I’m currently in the process of finishing up lecture notes for an … Continue reading

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My absence

Hey all, No math in this post, just an apology.  I’ve been completely out of action with the site for the last couple of weeks, and I apologize for that.  Please don’t take it as me being gone for good. … Continue reading

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Your Sixth Sense

It is likely that until this moment in time you’ve been convinced that we have only five senses: seeing, hearing, tasting, touching, and smelling.  This is, after all, what we’ve been taught since, well, I don’t know, forever  I guess. … Continue reading

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The Three Worlds

I’d be shocked if you’ve ever come to this site and not once wondered what’s going on with that picture across the top of each page.  Who is this old scholarly dude and why is he looking at me?  What … Continue reading

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Meaningless Truth

In this note we’ll introduce the notion of a “vacuous statement”—a statement that is true, but completely devoid of meaning.  In particular, we’ll learn what it means for some statement to be “vacuously true”.  Statements that are vacuously true come … Continue reading

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Note on Notation

One reason why people are scared of/hate mathematics is that once people see an expression like they run and hide.  Let us step back for a moment and try to see what’s really going on here, so that we can … Continue reading

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